Rubber Lanyard

Rubber Lanyard

Printed rubber lanyard

The rubber lanyard, also called a credential lanyard, is an inexpensive promotional tool used to hold keys, ID badges and access cards. These custom printed rubber lanyard can also be used as a strap for cell phones, cameras or other small personal electronics or accessories. Rubber Lanyards are great for holding keys, badges, ID's and much more. A traditional lanyard made of durable rubber. It easily attaches to a belt loop or purse strap with a carabiner-style clip. Contrary to its name, the brightly colored 6-inch rubber lanyard is not made of rubber but of polyurethane.

Rubber lanyard keychain

Our rubber lanyard comes with 1 of your picture, logo, company name, etc. printed on the lanyard. If you have a special event coming up and would like us to do short run printing for you we will be glad to help you. You can wear it around your neck or place it on a bench or hook in your home, car, work, or restaurant and easily find it when you need it. Your keys will always be right there when you need them. A regular lanyard is simply not as convenient or capable of holding these important items.

Rubber lanyard card holder

From rubber lanyards with card holders and key chains, to rubber lanyard necklaces, our variety is sure to get you the best product for your next promotion! Perfect for work, school or casual outings, this rubber lanyard will provide you with a great solution to carry your keys. Featuring a leather strap and a functional design, it is available in a variety of colors so you can match it with whatever you prefer. Whether it's blue or black, the rubber material will make it easy for you to secure your keys while the belt loop feature will keep them in place easily. With a metal hook buckle on the both side to attach carrier devices.It can be used for combine the two smaller lanyards together if you want more length. The rubber lanyard card holder is a great promotional tool to distribute or point your customers to where they can find more information on your items. The Small Rubber Lanyard Card Holder is great for school, work or home.

Rubber lanyard manufacturers

We are the leading manufacturer of rubber lanyard. We have been in business for years and are able to offer you the best quality at the lowest price. Given we are direct manufacturers,we can assure you that we have more competitive prices than our competitors on every product. Place your order with us today for unbeatable prices and service. As an professional manufacturer of various kinds of bags, organizer, accessories and lanyard, we have enjoyed good reputation in the global market. What's more, we are appreciated and welcomed by our customers for the good quality products. Here we take our rubber lanyard for your reference, welcome to buy the best ones from our factory. Our rubber lanyard is versatile, lightweight and affordable. Wear it as a keychain or loop it onto your belt loop, purse strap or backpack.

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