Sublimation Pillow

Sublimation Pillow

There are thousands of pillows out there in the market and finding the best one is not easy. However, if you analyze a few important factors, you will be able to select the best sublimation pillow that suits you the best. Pillows are usually categorized into two groups: light and firm. Firm pillows are designed to support our arms and shoulders while light pillows are more comfortable and designed to just provide support. You will notice that all pillows have some sort of design feature or characteristic.

Our sublimation pillow integrates the printing technique to bring you a different visual experience. Made of three kinds of materials, the silk is as soft and smooth as skin without lumps and bumps. The fiberfill maintains its volume after long-term use, and offers simple comfort. We provide you with high density silk pillowcase, handmade tailoring, meticulous hand-sewing and a crease design that relieves pressure on the ear. All of these make your sleep even more comfortable.

Awaken your creativity with our Sublimation Pillow. Ideal for decorative pillows, duvets, and everything in between, this sculptural pillow easily molds to your body for a comfortable sleep. With its lightweight and durable construction, it is perfect for indoor use or out. The exquisitely soft brushed polyester inside provides a cozy sleeping experience. Unlike traditional pillows that collect dust and particles over time, the Sublimation Pillow stays free of debris thanks to its open design. Simply unzip the pillow cover and wash on the gentle cycle in cold water using mild detergent and air dry.

The sublimation pillow is a special product by Lanyard.PRO. This design has a printing surface that can be printed by directly dyeing, digitizing power, and direct painting of the color printer. Digital printing is the other surface of fabric printing to create art with ink directly dyed into the fabric, which can also be called digital fabric printing. It beats traditional screen printing or hand-painting in its vivid colors, longer life, none fade long-term use and good shock absorption. No matter it's a gift for your boyfriend, wife or lover, or even yourself to cherish one of the memory in your life.

Sublimation Pillow Case

The sublimation pillow can directly print your own pictures and text on the soft filler. The micro-fiber material is ideal for printing even the smallest details. The customized pillow is comfortable, filling hardness, fluffy, breathable and cool, giving you a good night's sleep. The sublimation pillow is comprised of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and rayon, each with their own characteristics. The combination of these synthetics allows the design to be printed on both sides of the pillow. This vibrant, all-over sublimation pillow is bold and unlike anything you've seen before. It features a square grid design that prominently displays your artwork in every color of the rainbow.

This pillow is printed directly onto the fabric, it is 100% waterproof and will never fade or peel like a sticker would. The sublimation process does not affect the feel of the pillow, but gives a bolder more vibrant appearance than embroidery. Durable and soft, this sublimation pillow is great for all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking, travelling, camping, backpacking or just laying out at the pool and beach. It's also a fantastic gift idea for friends and family members. This pillow makes a perfect gift for friends and family. After printing, it will look like the picture and feel like silk. It will brighten your home, show your personality and relax your mind in comfort.

Sublimation Pillow Printing

We are professional sublimation printers, we offer high quality products with competitive price! The sublimation pillow printing was born to make use of the original and ubiquitous promotional possibilities of the standard polycotton pillow. We conceive then realize all the designs for our clients by making use of our technical staff and of our machines for digital and textile printing. Achieve the best effects through high-quality sublimation pillow printing! These cushions feature high quality artwork and the product will last a long time with proper cleaning. Our sublimation print services give you the ultimate in custom pillow decorating. The printing process infuses dyes deep into the pillow cover's vinyl surface, so colors won't fade over time like a regular transfer or screen print would. A truly unique and personalized pillow for your home or office that will last for years to come. We offer designs from thousands of artists and hundreds of brands to fit any style or theme imaginable.

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