Luggage Belt Custom Printed

Luggage Belt Custom Printed
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Files: TIF, PDF or EPS
Country of origin: PL
Tariff number: 6307909899
Packing: 5 pcs
Packing details: Weight/pcs/kg: 1.2500 Box:60x40x40cm 30kg 200 pcs in box
Layouts, Service, Certificate
45 mm:
CE, OekoTex: CE, OekoTex
Luggage Belt with Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Lanyard are most popular HQ print. Technology makes it possible, to print in a wide range of colors, with tonal transition. Amount of colors is not restricted and it does not change the price. This technique of print makes full color print on sublimation paper, and then heatens it on polyester ribbon.

The solidly made luggage belt is a reliable additional protection for your suitcase while traveling. It is made of high quality polyester.  The belt has an adjustment option, so you can use it for more than just one suitcase. There is an option to choose your own imprint on the belt, which gives it a personalized touch. At the airport or on the go, it will beautifully display your logo, so many people will see it. Equip yourself with our luggage belt and travel safely!


  • the print is imperceptible and very durable - it does not lose its quality, because it penetrates the structure of the material.
  • excellent print quality
  • perfect color saturation in the full range and the ability to transfer tonal transitions.
  • possible complicated, detailed graphic designs.

  • Printing - Full -color CMYK print according to your design
  • 100% poliester
  • ribbon thickness 1.3 mm
  • ribbon width  45 mm
  • maximum adjustable belt length 192 cm
  • minimum adjustable belt length 130 cm
  • 100% Made in Poland
Help and Guidance
Files TIF, PDF or EPS
Country of origin PL
Tariff number 6307909899
Packing 5 pcs
Packing details Weight/pcs/kg: 1.2500 Box:60x40x40cm 30kg 200 pcs in box
Layouts, Service, Certificate
45 mm
CE, OekoTex CE, OekoTex

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Missing vacation? Business trip? .. we are going out into the world.

For longer or shorter journeys, but always with a suitcase, bag or backpack. A perfect complement to our luggage are custom luggage belt with a logo, which ensure the safety of transported things. They protect against unplanned opening of the suitcase due to a failure of the lock. They help in quickly finding a suitcase among other luggage. They are an inseparable element of every journey and an excellent advertising medium! The large print area means that, in addition to logging in, you can put the user's contact details on them, which will facilitate finding luggage. Luggage belts made with the sublimation method allow for double-sided printing in full color in high quality. Massive tape, solid accessories and strong stitching will make the luggage tapes made by Lanyard.PRO enjoy their users for many years! The company provides quick lead times so that everyone on this year's journey can take their luggage belt;)

The silent hero of every journey - the luggage belt

Why is a luggage belt needed?

Closed in tight luggage compartments, in planes, buses, coaches, trains and car trunks. When exposed to shocks during the journey, the suitcases can open easily and can be damaged. In order to avoid an accident in which the entire contents of our suitcase or travel bag is outside the luggage, we should equip ourselves with a practical luggage belt.

The luggage belts available in our store are equipped with a special buckle that makes it easy to mount it on the suitcase. You can fasten it horizontally, vertically or crosswise. The belt should be tight and fit snugly against the sides of the luggage. The product works like a trouser belt.

Personalized luggage belt - choose originality

Our company's offer allows you to create your own unique print, which we will place for you on the luggage belt using the sublimation method, based on the CMYK colour palette. Product personalization creates unlimited possibilities. Placing your own print on the luggage belt allows you to quickly find your own suitcase and reduces the risk of confusing your luggage with the luggage of another flight participant or at a bus trip - additional, colourful ribbons or decorations become unnecessary. The large print area means that, in addition to logging in, you can put on it the user's contact details, which will facilitate finding luggage.

A personalized luggage belt is also a great advertising space on which you can successfully place your logo or brand name. Unusual advertising gadgets are now extremely desirable. They attract the attention of potential consumers and, in addition, send a signal that your company is open to changes and at the same time flexible - just like our luggage belt with your logo. It will be a great advertisement for your business wherever you are with your luggage (even during the holidays.

We provide fast order fulfilment - on the next trip you will decorate your luggage with a new belt.