Badge Holder Lanyard

Badge Holder Lanyard

A badge holder lanyard is a device that can hold an ID card, name tag or other similar identification device. The badge holder lanyard is typically made of nylon, but there are also some that are made of leather, which has a more professional look. The badge holder lanyard has a clip that attaches to your clothing, allowing you to wear the ID badge without having to carry it around in your hand all day.

  • The badge holder lanyard is a great way to keep your ID badge, keys or other items safe while on the job. The lanyard comes with a plastic badge holder that attaches to your existing badge holder clip. The lanyard can be adjusted in length and includes an adjustable neck strap to help ensure a proper fit.
  • The badge holder lanyard is available in a variety of colors, including black, red and navy blue. It's also available in several different lengths, so you can find the right fit for your needs.
  • The badge holder lanyard is a great way to keep your badge in place. The strap is adjustable and can be worn around the neck, on the waist or even around the wrist. The clear vinyl pocket has a slot for a card, photo ID or business card.
  • The badge holder lanyard is available in three vibrant colors: blue, yellow and red. These are also available in black if you want something more subtle.

Use Badge Holder Lanyards for More Than Just IDs

The great thing about using badge holders is that they are versatile and can be used for more than just holding IDs! You can use them to hold anything from keys to gift cards as well! They're also great for holding photos and other small items that you want to keep close at hand without having them get lost in your bag or purse.

The lanyard is one of the most popular ways to wear your badge. A lanyard is a neck strap that you can use to attach your ID badge to you. It's a great way to show off your ID badge, and it's also an easy way for others to see it.

If you want to attach your ID badge to a lanyard, there are several options available. The most popular option is a retractable lanyard, which allows you to wear your ID badge around your neck without having to worry about tangling or losing it. You simply pull up on the cord, and the ID badge will slide into place on the top of your chest.

Another popular option is the clip-on lanyard, which allows you to clip your ID badge onto any article of clothing or accessory that has a clip attached to it (like belt loops). This type of lanyard makes it easy for others to see where they should look when they want access into secure areas or buildings.

Badge Holders & Lanyards

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