Double Lanyards

Double Printed Lanyards

Lanyards are very useful accessories for your collection. They help consumers recognize you and your business wherever you go, making customers feel cared for and comfortable. Customers pick up a lanyard as they would any other advertising material. There are two basic styles - a small loop with a carabiner on one end and a wider, square-edged version with a plain or patterned band on the other end. MAX lanyards have a special property - they retain their shape when attached to a backpack, briefcase or similar object thereby becoming an even more effective advertising tool.


Double Lanyard with Carabiner

Double Lanyard (sewn) with carabiner100% Made in PolandPrinting - Full -color CMYK print according t..

0.62 €


Double Lanyard with Carabiner and Buckle

Double Lanyard (sewn) with Carabiner and BuckleDouble Lanyards MAX are mainly being made with a subl..

0.73 €


Double Lanyard with Carabiner and Safety Clip

Double Lanyard (sewn) with Carabiner and Safety ClipDouble Lanyards MAX are mainly being made with a..

0.73 €


Double Lanyard with Carabiner, Buckle and Safety Clip

Double Lanyard (sewn) with Carabiner, Buckle and Safety ClipDouble Lanyards MAX are mainly being mad..

0.84 €

Maxi Lanyard with Carabiner

Lanyard with carabiner. Max Lanyard with Carabiner. This lanyard will make great promotional material for your business or event. Lanyards are often called advertising devices because they could be used as a means of advertising your product or service. But there are many different types of lanyards out there and it can be a challenge to choose the best one that fits your needs. In addition to looking at the standard features of the product, you should also consider the materials that it is made from. Are there pleats or zippers on the device? Is it made from metal or polymer? Is there a tearaway band tied around it? These are only some initial considerations that you should take into account when buying a promotional product.

Lanyards are mainly being made with a sublimation printed tape with logo that is stitched to base ribbon, but the possibilities are much larger. Base tape, which is mostly precolored by the producer (we can also make it in Pantone colors), is usually 5mm wider than printed tape. This kind of lanyard is very attractive and durable, making it a perfect advertisement carrier. You can make these with monograms on one side and pictures/pictures of your products on the other side - there is no limit to what can be done with this kind of material.

For both of these possibilities, we print images and texts on tapes with an advanced digital printing technology. This technology results in brilliant colors, high quality of graphics and durability of the product.

Double Lanyards

The most common types are double lanyards with a printed tape, but we can also manufacture custom made ones that are more fitting to your needs. For instance, we can make a lanyard with two printed tapes and a base ribbon that is only one color if you wish. Double lanyards with an extra pocket are also available, which is perfect for carrying keys and other small objects. We can also make them in different sizes and colors if you wish to get something really unique.

Lanyards for Brands

Talk with your customer about organizing a giveaway campaign, where you will distribute these lanyards among selected brands of the same industry. Maybe they have some people ready to receive these lanyards on bloggers' conferences (they will certainly notice it), or they could simply give them to customers as a gift for first orders and/or future orders. This could really optimize distribution and raise brand awareness.