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A lanyard is a short strap or cord that is worn around the shoulder, neck, or wrist to hold items such as keys or ID cards. Lanyards were used in the military to arm the fuse system of an air-dropped bomb or fire an artillery piece by pulling the cotter pin to initiate delay on the arming upon departure from the aircraft. It is also used to attach a gun to a soldier’s body so that it can be dropped without getting lost. On board a ship, it can refer to a platform used to lower or secure objects.

The word lanyard is derived from the French word "laniere" meaning thong or strap. And while there are now some pretty fancy laces today, the first ones were simple straps made of cord or rope found on board a ship.

In the event and corporate world, lanyards are used as a means of displaying identity or an access badge. Lanyards make it easy to maintain security at company sites and events because visual authorization allows others to see who the people are, what level of access they have, and what organization they belong to.

Laces also perform another very important role at events: corporate branding. Businesses can easily use lanyards as a great marketing and promotional item by printing and customizing them with their logo.

As an item that can be used in various ways, from carrying ID cards to keys, it is undoubtedly one of the most useful items to print your logo for further brand recognition.

While lanyards still serve an important functional today, they have also become more decorative. It is popular as a craft and also as a safety device in the business world.

Lanyard factory offer a range of eco-friendly printed lanyards made completely from recyclable materials. They have a vast assortment of lanyards for all budgets. Whether you want printed or plain lanyards, elegant or simple custom lanyards, they can meet your needs. Their product range goes beyond printed promotional lanyards. They have a large selection of pens and notebooks to promote your business and attract attention for the right reasons. You can trust us to give you advantage over your competition.

Lanyard Factory makes use of all of its innovative qualities to produce unique promotional lanyards for the customer. The team at Lanyard Factory understands your needs as we've been through the same. In addition to offering warm and efficient service, reasonable prices and outstanding quality, we strive to develop and deliver promotional lanyards that improve your brand awareness, knowledge and loyalty.

They produce only the highest quality, professional looking lanyards for trade shows, companies and organizations all over the world. They are proud of their products and are committed to providing the best customer service you can experience. 

Simply choose from their diverse color, fabric, and accessory options and their team will design and print a unique custom badge holder or lanyard for the next event. If you don't have much time, you can speak with them about urgent requests and their team will help make sure that your order arrives as quickly as possible.

Custom Factory: Personalised Gifts

Welcome to the wonderfully unique world of personalised gifts. What makes our range of personalised gifts so wonderful? In a nutshell, anything and everything! Yes, you read that right - there custom factory is something for literally every occasion and recipient! From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to housewarmings, we have a whole host of different styles to choose from.

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Lanyard.PRO offer is dedicated to advertising agencies, small or big and to all the middlemen.

Our assumption is offering short leadtimes, while having low price and promptness.

Our experience is based on 18 years on the market. Check us out and you will stay with us forever!


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