FORBES DIAMONDS 2023 - Allers Grupa

FORBES DIAMONDS 2023 - Allers Grupa

We are happy and proud to announce that Allers Grupa sp zoo (owner of the Lanyard.PRO, and Prosfera brands) has been awarded the FORBES DIAMONDS 2023 award by the Forbes magazine.

Forbes Diamonds are awards granted to the fastest growing companies in Poland.

This is not the subjective opinion of experts. This is a purely mathematical result, based on the financial data of companies, based on the Swiss method of valuation of companies, which combines the asset and income approach. The data used for this purpose is collected by Wywiadownia Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o.o., which creates databases of enterprises and grants them a positive credibility rating. The award received by us is therefore a confirmation of our high pace of development, but also a guarantee of the safety of cooperation with us. Certification of our credibility as a business partner!

"You are the best of the best, and today's meeting is to celebrate this success" - said Wojciech Łaptaś during the presentation of the Diamonds (on behalf of President Jacek Majchrowski). These words are extremely uplifting for us, and receiving the Forbes Diamond in the company of the best private entrepreneurs from Lesser Poland, very inspiring and motivating for further efforts. It is worth noting that this Diamond was awarded for the most difficult business period after the Second World War, i.e. for the time of COVID 19, which was a great test for both business and our humanity. Interestingly and worth noting, we were the only two companies operating in the advertising industry (together with LYNKA) that received the Diamond in Małopolska.

This is a great distinction for us, enhancing the sense of our own success.

Success, which consists of a thousand small steps and a million little things!

Success, backed by almost 20 years of experience and 40 wonderful employees.

We share this Diamond with them;) because our company is made up of people who create it!!!

We would like to thank our employees for their commitment and hard work, which resulted in this award!


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