Lanyard.PRO is Walt Disney FAMA Certified - FAC-073281

Lanyard.PRO is Walt Disney FAMA Certified - FAC-073281

FAMA: FAC-073281

Disney is the largest product licensor in the world, licensing characters and stories to third parties to produce and sell Disney branded products such as toys, food, books, games and of course fashion, and in our case, key rings, lanyards, bandana, belts, cases and other clothing accessories.

With Disney branded products manufactured in more than 100 countries around the world, responsible sourcing is an important part of Disney's overall corporate responsibility activities.

What is Fema? 

Facility and Merchandise Authorization (FAMA) is a Disney authorized certification where branded products may only be manufactured or handled in a certified facility. As a certified supplier to Disney FAMA, Lanyard.PRO FAC-073281 is authorized to manufacture and distribute the intellectual property of The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries such as Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

We are committed to adhering to Disney's supply chain standards to meet their corporate and social responsibility goals. It includes: respect for human rights, remuneration and benefits and employee commitment protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, searching for sustainable materials and applying production methods to conserve natural resources and reduce waste. This also covers the measurement, management and disclosure of environmental impacts, including public reports on annual environmental performance in areas such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation.

Creating management systems to continuously monitor and solve conditions in the workplace Creating, producing, processing and delivering products and services that meet the highest quality standards.

At Lanyard.PRO we really care about our planet, the environment, our people and communities. We believe it is important to act responsibly and honestly. We always try to find ways to improve the impact of our production processes and become a more sustainable business.

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