Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom Printed lanyards are perfect for any occasion whether it is an important business meeting or important social occasion such as a wedding. The lanyard will have your company logo and the event date on the back and can be personalized with your own message or text. These custom printed lanyards are available in a variety of sizes so that you can have as many as you need to carry around with you at any given time.

Highest quality custom branded lanyards

We make the highest quality custom branded apparel, stickers, mugs, iPhone cases and more. We are the premier custom printing company for retail businesses, promoting your brand with customized t-shirts, custom bags, placards, desktop publishing, custom product installation and much more. We start with your design and end with printing on demand - usually within 24 hours. Custom lanyards were first used for identifying sailors in the days before GPS and satellite technology. Each company had its own style and design. 

Do you want to have your photo taken with a popular company or product? Maybe you want to use your favorite team's official color at a game or an event. Do you want to write the name of your favorite team on the back of your customized T-shirt? Whatever the case may be, we can help you create an awesome lanyard to present - whether it's to a friend or to yourself! The best custom lanyards are the ones with features that will make you stand out. Imagine getting your photo taken with your favorite team logo on one of their custom lanyards. Or having a featuring of your favorite player on one that says "You're Our Hero". Or maybe multiple pictures of you on different team-themed custom jackets, t-shirts, or hats...

Do you like lanyards? You're in the right place! Lanyard.PRO has hundreds of designs for customized lanyards that are perfect for almost anything! Get a cool little card with your favorite event, company or just your name on it. Plus, we've got cool ideas for blank lanyards and custom printing that are sure to inspire.

If you want to convey your message through your everyday life, creating a custom lanyard is an effective way to do it. Everyone has a favorite company or product they use every day. If you have the inclination of placing your business logo on a lanyard or gift certificate, there is no better way to do it and get that company's attention than by using their logo on one of our unique custom lanyards. Get a cool design custom printed on one of our unique custom lanyards or shirts, custom made just for you. Your order will be printed on demand and ship within 48 hours of your order, after the payment has been confirmed.

Custom made drew and handle lanyards, customized with your company logo or message on one side and your favorite baseball team on the reverse side. Affordable premium hand made custom lanyard - hand sewn with love in EU. Available in multiple colors. Made by hand. 

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