Antybacterial lanyards, and wristband

Discovered by St. Albert the Great and has been used in medicine since the 13th century. Centuries later, ousted and replaced with antibiotics, but fortunately unforgettable, they are now experiencing their renaissance! What are we talking about? Of course, about silver compounds. Knowing their bactericidal, antifungal and antiviral properties, Allers Group extended its offer with the possibility of covering all products with a coating containing silver in ionic form. The pandemic reality poses new challenges for producers of advertising materials and stimulates creativity. Exactly a year ago, in just two weeks, the Allers Group became an expert in sewing masks. The next step towards increasing the safety and functionality of the produced face masks was the use of silver ions in their production. The manufacturer goes a step further by introducing a new product to the European market, i.e. Antibacterial Event Wristbands. The gradually released silver ions make a coating up to 99% on the surface of the band for about 14 days, protecting against the transmission and spread of viruses and bacteria. Production exclusively in Poland allows for the improvement of production and logistics processes, which ensures the optimal time for customers to use the properties of the ionic coating. In the same way, advertising lanyards and multifunctional scarves can be secured. Let the awareness of consumers become aware that a mass product can be a safe product, because only a sense of security will allow you to return to normal! Detailed information is available at and at


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