You Become Better with US

You Become Better with US

At Lanyard.PRO, we strongly emphasize our responsibility as a company to consumers and our planet. That is why each stage of our production process complies with the principles of sustainable development, using recycled products, our own energy sucked in the sun, or introducing products that are subject to rapid biodegradation on the market.

Sustainable Lanyards are the best Lanyards!

At Lanyard.PRO, we don't just focus on the quality of our products. We are also committed to a sustainable production policy to protect the environment and use the appropriate semi-finished products, making the lanyards almost 100% recyclable.

Each of our activities puts man first and considers nature a resource that should be protected and passed on to future generations.

OUR INITIATIVES Limiting negative impact on the environment

Our sensitivity to environmental issues has led to significant changes in the production process to drastically reduce the negative impact of our activities on the planet, thus reducing our carbon footprint;)

These activities include the installation of photovoltaic systems to produce the electricity required for production, the introduction of waste recycling systems, the implementation of products resulting from recycling, the change of the fleet to hubrid and electric cars, as well as LED lighting throughout the company.

Small daily practices, such as recycling the materials used in our offices, are also important.

FUTURE PROJECTS A sustainable future

Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, so Lanyard.PRO is always looking for new ways to improve.

What's more, our commitment to product and packaging innovation aims to reduce environmental impact and promote the use of greener materials and packaging such as cotton, bamboo and cork.

Working with us, you make the world better and the carbon footprint is getting smaller. 

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