Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Custom Printed Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Customized lanyards are the perfect items to use for your promotional campaign. These are quite cheap but they provide excellent brand exposure. At Lanyard.PRO, we offer an extensive selection of lanyards you can readily personalize with your brand logo or message. One of our most popular type of lanyards is the dye sublimation lanyard. We use the most advanced thermal printing technology to produce vibrantly colored lanyards for various brands.

How does dye sublimation work?

Dye sublimation is among the most popular printing methods used in creating promotional items. It’s a straightforward process that involves the use of specialized equipment to transfer a design on materials such as lanyards. It produces clean and colorful prints that can last for a long time. Sublimation printers are equipped with films that contain heat-sensitive dyes. To imprint lanyards with your chosen design, the printer lays a film on the material. Then, heat is applied to the ink film to completely bind the dye on the fibers of the material. Compared to other types of printing methods, dye sublimation makes a lesser mess because the ink used is not liquid. On top of that, images printed via dye sublimation tend to last longer compared to other printing methods.

How long does a dye sublimation process last?

The thermal printing process is quite straightforward unlike silkscreen printing which involves multiple steps. The process, however, requires specific pressures and temperatures to ensure that quality of the material produced. It can take around three to eight days to complete a large order of dye sublimation lanyards.

What are dye sublimation lanyards made of?

We use pre-shrunk polyester fabric in creating dye sublimation lanyards to ensure the quality of the images we produced. We also choose polyester because of its inexpensive price but impressive durability, color and sheen. Even after multiple uses, your dye sublimation lanyards won’t look old and worn-out. You can readily use it as an event giveaway, employee ID strap, or flash drive cord.

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