Promotional Towels

Promotional Towels

Your promotional towels are your outside advertising, and they usually come in two varieties: those that say you sponsored by a certain company and those that say you're sponsored by an outside promotion company. The first kind of promotional towel is intended to help people recognize you were part of a promotion — either through a free product or a free item. The second kind of promotional towel, on the other hand, is meant more broadly and is meant to encourage consumers who may not know much about you to investigate you further.

A promotional towel is a free item that can be given out to customers or employees at places where the company makes an effort to promote their brand. Many companies give away free items when they recognize a customer's accomplishments. Furniture and consumer products companies give away free mattresses and toys. In some cases, stores will even give away free merchandise if someone buys certain products at certain places. Store employees can promote a product by handing out promotional towels or letting customers know about it during its holiday events.

If there's one thing that can put a huge dent in your income, it's a missed opportunity. Promotional towels at the grocery store can cost you the difference between a small purchase and a larger one. You have to evaluate whether the cost of the item plus the cost of the promotional offer was worth it. And this is always true even when you consider everything from the small retailers who offer these items to the big retailers who advertise on them.

Do you know that every time you go to a store and purchase a product, there is a chance that the towel you purchase has “secret promotions” printed on it? That means there is a chance that the store has an incentive for you to buy a specific brand of towel. You may not realize this, but the odds of winning a free towel through promotional activity are actually higher than simply buying the exact same product again. 

Our promotional towels have a premium blend and can be customized along with your logo or message. These promotional towels make a great giveaway or can be used as your advertising message of choice, with the added feature of having your logo embroidered on them. We offer a large selection of promotional towels in many shapes and sizes. They can be imprinted with a wide range of types of logos including but not limited to corporate, collegiate, church, sports and more.

Promotional Products

Our towels are colorful, soft, and great for the beach, pool, camping or fishing. They can withstand multiple washes and always look fresh from top to bottom. Promotional towels will never go out of style. Not only are they handy, but they are high quality, long lasting promotional products. Promotional towels are perfect for many uses including fundraisers, hospitality events & meetings/conferences, back to school giveaways, or giveaways where you want to leave a lasting impression.

To promote your business, you need promotional towels. These can be used at numerous places, such as newsstands, transportation terminals and even coffee shops. Promotional towels may be handed out in addition to any other advertisement on your product. In fact, it is a common misconception that promotional towels are only for sale at certain times. They can be used year round. We design and manufacture high-quality, 100% polyester promotional towels that promote your business or product. Our unique design and high-quality printing allows them to withstand daily use while making an awesome product look great. When used as part of an advertising campaign, they can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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