Personalised Towels

The best not only for the beach - promotional towels with a printed logo

Unconventional advertising campaign, or maybe an unusual gift idea?

Our promotional towels are a product of the highest quality. And these are not empty words. Microfiber and cotton towels available in our shop have the international Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certificate, which confirms that our textile products are free from substances harmful to human health. It is therefore a great product for allergy sufferers.

If you are looking for an option to buy a personalized beach towel, on which you can put your own print (a holiday photo or maybe your brand logo), - create your own project and contact with us. To creating our advertising towels (and not only), we use the sublimation method, which allows us to make multi-coloured prints - recreating photos, graphics, texts, logos or symbols.

Terry towels, microfiber towels and cooling towels - our offer.

A terry towel created in the Double-Face technology is a great way of advertising. The inner side of the towel is made of 100% skin-friendly cotton that perfectly absorbs water. On the other hand, the outer polyester side is a perfect place to put your logo.

The fabric made of microfiber perfectly absorbs humidity and dries quickly. Therefore, a microfiber towel will be perfect for the pool and beach, but also for sports or work in the kitchen or duties in the garage. The full-colour CMYK print is placed on the towel using the sublimation method, which can be placed on both sides of the product at the customer's request.

Cooling towels are an innovative product that is becoming more and more popular. It is a product that will work especially well on hot summer days when you need a quick refreshment. It is also a practical gadget for every athlete. The printed towel of your design is also available in a handy, ecological bottle made of rPET materials such as recycled plastic.

Towels in our store are available in sizes: 50 cm x 100 cm, 30 cm x 50 cm and 70 cm x 40 cm and 30 cm x 90 cm (in a bottle).

Promotional Towels

Promotional towels are a great way to promote your brand and business. The softness and absorbency of these towels make them a great addition to any home or business, but they can also be used as an effective marketing tool.

The Benefits of Promotional Towels

Promotional towels have been used by businesses for many years to advertise their products and services. These towels have been seen in gyms, schools, medical offices, hotels, restaurants and more. Many businesses choose to order custom printed promotional towels because they are a cost-effective way to advertise their brand or company.
There are many benefits to using promotional towels for promoting a company's image or name. First, the towels are very soft and comfortable which makes them perfect for use during sports activities, at the gym or even at home. This is part of what makes them such a great advertising tool because the person using the towel is likely to feel good about using it if it's comfortable.

Personalised Printed Towels

Custom printed towels are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether your friends or family want to be reminded of your special day or you want to let them know how much they mean to you, a personalized printed towel is the perfect way to let them know that they are loved. From the sweetest postcards to the most lavish birthday presents, we have the perfect options for just about anybody. Personalised printed towels are available in numerous designs and sizes so there's sure to be one that reflects your unique style.

Custom Printed Towels

Custom Printed Towels are the solution to a seemingly endless issue faced by people everywhere. With the vast majority of people not carrying around a large stack of towels, the need for a personalised solution has never been more important. Standard printed towels are awful for everyday use as they lose their unique feel after several washes and can be prone to tearing or loss if dropped. This is where Custom Printed Towels come into play - they aren't just another piece of paper with a slogan printed on it - these beautifully designed folders will change the way you view regular printed towels forever.

Print your own message

Print your own message on any size of towel and have some fun with it! Or pick from different designs based on different personality types: superheroes, cartoon characters or simple pictures of people and animals. Some of our favourite characters include Deadpool, Batman, Wonder Woman and Deadpool's girlfriend Maureen

High quality materials

We believe that beautiful products should be made to order, giving you the freshest product when you need it. We use high quality materials like 100% cotton for our printed towels and 100% polyester for our photo printed towels. They are shipped rolled in a heavy layer of bubble wrap to protect against moisture and wear.

Perfect towel for your special occasion

With our Personalised Printed Towels, you'll be able to find just the perfect towel for your special occasion, whether it's attending that awesome party or attending that meeting. Our personalised print towels are printed on demand so we monitor orders regularly so you can be assured of receiving only the highest quality product. The interesting thing about these personalized printed towels is that they can be bought both online and offline. That means you can bring your own decor into your home and have it printed on exactly what you need. It comes down to having a piece of mind when it comes to unique and customized products.

We believe that your home should feel like a home – inviting and inviting, with luxurious touches to make you feel at home. Towels offer you this look. From soft, personalized towels for the whole family to hard, printed towels for any occasion.