Printed Lanyards Small Quantity UK

Printed Lanyards Small Quantity UK

At Lanyard.PRO, we understand that life is crazy and you need a printing company that can help you get exactly what you need, quickly and easily. That's why we offer printed lanyards in small quantities here in the UK. Whether you need one lanyard or one million, we've got you covered.

We know how important it is for your brand to be visible wherever your customers go, and that means having custom-printed lanyards at hand whenever you need them. We also know how busy life can get, so our no minimum order policy ensures that we can always give you exactly what you want—even if it's just one lanyard at a time.

In addition to custom printed lanyards and personalised lanyards, we offer many other types of promotional items as well: badges, keychains, magnets… whatever your business needs!

We Print Lanyards

We're a UK-based company that prints lanyards in small quantities. When you need a custom printed lanyard, we can do it for you without the hassle of having to order huge quantities and deal with minimum order requirements.

Printed lanyards are great for employee badges, ID cards, or even just as a fun way to display your favorite photos or artwork at conferences or conventions.

We can print your own designs on our custom printed lanyards using a variety of different printing methods, including sublimation and dye sublimation. The best part is that we offer fast turnaround times and fast shipping within the UK!

Printed Lanyards No Minimum Order UK

The best thing about printed lanyards is that there’s no minimum order required for most orders! This means that if you just need one lanyard for yourself or a few for your company event, then you can get exactly what you need without having to worry about spending more money than necessary.

What size are lanyard cards?

Lanyards come in a variety of lengths, but the most common length is 18", which is the standard length for most printed lanyards. You can also find 24" and 36" lengths, but these are less common.

What are the Benefits of Printed Lanyards?

Printed lanyards are an excellent way to help brand your company or organization, whether you're at a conference or an event or handing out your business card to new clients. They're also useful for students who need their ID cards on hand at all times during class. You can get custom printed lanyards with your logo or design printed on them so they'll stand out from the crowd!

How much does Lanyard Printing Cost?

The cost of lanyard printing depends on what type of material you choose and how many people will be ordering them (minimum order). If you order fewer than 1,000 then we'll charge more per unit because there's a setup fee involved with each new customer order that comes through our system.


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