Lanyards with Your label

Advertising lanyard does not have to be boring!

Why do I need a label for an advertising lanyard?

It has been known for a long time that lanyards with a logo are an integral part of the promotion of every brand. Our offer includes a wide selection of advertising lanyards on which you can create your own unique print.

One of the countless examples of our ingenuity (lasting over 18 years) is the lanyard line with the label called PRESTIGE LANYARDS. How did we come to that? Well, a lanyard equipped with a special label / pendant will allow you to advertise your brand in an even better, and at the same time non-obvious way. It is easier to find the brand name on the label than to look for it along the entire length of the lanyard.

Plenty is no plague!
Our range of tagged lanyards has a lot to offer.

First of all - the choice of colours for your promotional lanyard belongs to you and yours alone. Secondly - on the label we put only the print personalized by you, logo, etc.

In addition, we offer you various variants of the lanyard with a label - the ZEBRA version, which allows you to combine up to two colours on the surface of the lanyard, the RUBBER version made of a flexible, stretchable material; different variants of the length of the lanyard 40 and 17 cm.

The logo embroidered on the label is attached to a lanyard with an elastic cord in black or white, or in CMYK colours - it all depends on which model you choose.

Not only the label

If, instead of a classic, embroidered label, you prefer your advertising lanyard with a logo to be equipped with another interesting element, check out our offer of lanyards with a stopper, thanks to which your advertisement looks even more effective.

In our shop, you can also order an epoxy sticker with a logo, which is used to mark small items that cannot be printed on with another method.

Usually our lanyards end with a carabiner, but you can enrich them with new elements, such as a telephone tip, key ring, fuse, spring.