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Website regulations www.Lanyard.PRO

§ 1 General provisions
These regulations (hereinafter: "Regulations") define the rules of sale of custom-made printing products via the website (hereinafter: "Products"), as well as the rights and obligations of the parties in terms of concluded contracts.
The website is run at: www.lanyard.pro by the company: Allers Grupa sp zoo, ul.Torowa 3N, 30-435 Kraków, POLAND, (hereinafter: the "Seller" or "Service Provider"), who is the owner of the lanyard.pro website (hereinafter: the "Website" or "Store"), as well as its Administrator. Detailed information of the Seller: Company name: Allers Grupa, a limited liability company, seat: Allers Grupa sp zoo, ul.Torowa 3N, 30-435 Kraków, POLAND, NIP 6832088155, REGON 363438287, registered in the National Court Register under the number 0000595797, tel. +48 124140030.
The products are sold by the Seller to both natural persons not conducting business activity, as well as natural persons running a business business of the buyers of Products from the Seller for purposes not directly related to their business or professional activity (hereinafter: "Consumers"), as well as other entities, i.e. natural persons running a business and purchasing the Product from the Seller for purposes directly related to this economic activity or professional, legal persons as well as organizational units without legal personality. Both Consumers and other entities making purchases in the www.lanyard.pro Online Store are hereinafter referred to as "Buyers" in these Regulations.

§ 2 Conclusion of the contract
The conclusion of the contract takes place upon receipt by the Ordering Party by electronic means of a written confirmation of the order acceptance by the Seller. At this point, the Ordering Party's financial obligation to the seller for the performance of the contract also arises.
When placing the order or immediately after placing the order, the Ordering Party sends the project in the manner and in the form of files as specified in the Specification placed on the website.
The Seller has the right to confirm the acceptance of the order only after receiving the file with the project from the Ordering Party and / or making the payment, if indicated by the payment method selected in the order.
In the event of non-compliance of the Ordering Party's design with the technical parameters specified in the Specification, e.g. .sending an incomplete project, on the wrong mock-up, sending files in a format other than that allowed in the specification, the Ordering Party will be informed about this fact in a message sent by e-mail, which will take place after the files are verified by the seller's graphic department. If the files can be corrected by the seller (to be assessed by the seller), the above-mentioned message will also be sent information about the possibility of using this service for a fee. The rates for all preparatory works will also be provided in the above-mentioned e-mail.
the seller has the right to withdraw from the contract if:
a) the Ordering Party provides the design in a different version than specified in the Specification.
b) the design delivered by the Ordering Party has technological defects or is not prepared in accordance with the technical guidelines in the Specification.
c) the design file is damaged or virus-infected.
d) the design will be delivered later than 3 working days from the date placing an order by the Ordering Party.
f) the file will not be delivered on time.
The Ordering Party has the right to withdraw from the contract within 4 working hours, counted consecutively from 8.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. each working day, from the moment the seller receives a message confirming the commencement of the contract In fact, this is the moment when the seller sends an email to the Ordering Party with information that the files for the order have been correctly verified (at the same time the status of the customer's order will be changed).
All commercial and technical arrangements require written form for their validity

§3. Order fulfillment. Time limits for completion.
If the Ordering Party requests to interrupt the execution of the order at any stage of production, after the expiry of the withdrawal period specified in §2, the Ordering Party shall cover all costs of the seller related to the execution of the order until the termination of the execution, including preparation of matrices , work of a graphic designer, work of machines and materials used, but not higher than 100% of the contract value. The settlement is then based on a VAT invoice issued by the seller, payable within 7 days from the date of issue.
Order processing time, this is the number of working days counted from the date of delivery of undamaged files by the Ordering Party, until the date of delivery of the goods by the seller to carrier. For the calculation of the date of handing over the goods to the carrier, the date of delivery of files by the Ordering Party

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