Eyeglass cleaner

A new look at promotion - a personalized cleaner for eyeglasses as an advertising gadget

Personal relationship between the customer and the brand

Creating personalized gadgets is our response to individual, personal needs and desires of our customers. Each of us is different and each of us, as a human being, but also as a conscious consumer, wants to feel distinguished. Offers tailored to our needs become key in making our purchasing decisions.

If you think so too - do not hesitate! Contact us and create your own, unique design of the glasses cleaner, thanks to which your customers will feel a special relationship with the brand you create. Cloths for glasses with print are an interesting addition to promotional campaigns not only at the optician's, so no matter what activity you run, advertising eyeglass cleaner with your logo or company name are a great practical gadget for everyone who uses corrective or sunglasses.

Not only for eyeglasses

The cloths available in our offer are perfect for cleaning all smooth and glass surfaces - not only for eyeglasses lenses. If you are looking for a cleaner for monitors, laptops, televisions or camera lenses - our product is just for you.

What are the advantages of our eyeglasses cloths?

First of all - they were made of microfiber. Microfiber is a quick-drying material on which no bacteria, mites, microorganisms or dust settle. It is therefore a great product for allergy sufferers who must be especially careful when selecting various materials and fabrics. In addition, microfiber quickly and effectively removes all dirt. Thanks to good water absorption, the cleaner can be successfully used dry and wet.

In addition, the print according to your idea, we put on the cloth using the sublimation method, which allows you to make multi-coloured prints - recreating photos, texts, logos or symbols, while maintaining high-quality graphics.

Most importantly, the product has the international quality certificate OekoTex (R) Standard 100, which proves that a textile product that comes into direct contact with human skin is completely safe to use and free from substances that adversely affect human health, e.g. worsening of allergies.